This is yet another fun & exciting game! The objective here is to shoot the helicopter that is moving from left to right on the screen. By clicking the space bar you can launch bullets. By making this game you will learn about object position manipulation! Have fun!

Download the Building Instructions Guide Below

Link to Building Guide

What you will be learning in this Lesson?

In the above Scratch Activity you will be exploring the below concepts in detail

Collision Detection


Collision detection typically refers to the computational problem of detecting the

intersection of two or more objects.

With regard to scratch, collision detection is the understanding of the intersection/collision of two or more objects. You will be exploring this concept in the development of this game


Sprite Display Manipulation


When you are developing a game, you should be able to reuse an object by changing its display (hide & show)

If you keep creating sprites based on the need, then your game will taken up a lot of memory. Therefore it is always a good practice to reuse sprites by showing & hiding them.

In this game, we will be doing this to the bullet. Have a look!


Sprite Motion Manipulation


Also we will be exploring sprite movement in detail in this game. The cat will be made to follow the mouse continuously from the point of starting the game.