In this activity we will be making the butterfly to jump over the flower. The butterfly should avoid touching the flower. If it touches the flower the game is over. Good luck, have fun!

Download the Building Instructions Guide Below

Link to Building Guide

What you will be learning in this Lesson?

In the above Scratch Activity you will be exploring the below concepts in detail

Message Passing



When the butterfly hits the flower, the flower should disappear and a sound should be played. We can do this by message passing. Message passing is used to send a message so that the flower’s program can start. In scratch jr, send messages are represented with closed envelopes (of one color). Received messages are represented as open envelopes (of the same color).  Send message is the left image, and received message is on the right image

Movement in a loop


We will learn how we can move an object(plane) continuously from one end of the screen to the other. It will keep moving until the rocket hits the plane.

Touch events 


We will learn how to make the butterfly jump when the tab screen is touched. When the Start on Tap block is added, the butterfly will jump whenever the screen is touched.

Collision Detection


Collision detection  refers to detecting the intersection of two or more objects.

With regard to scratch Jr, collision detection is the understanding of the intersection/collision of two or more objects. You will be exploring this concept in the development of this game (collision of butterfly with flower).