In this activity we will develop a racing game. This racing game has two cars, one is controlled by the computer and the other car is controlled by you (the player). To win the game you have to reach the finish line before the computer controlled car. Good luck, have fun!!


Download the Building Instructions Guide Below

Link to Building Guide

What you will be learning in this Lesson?

In the above Scratch Activity you will be exploring the below concepts in detail

What Key Events are


Key Events (or Events) are used to control the movements of an object. Key events act like the starting point of a script. The most commonly used key events in Scratch are When green flag clicked and When space key pressed.

Events are found in the Events tab under the Script block.


Collision Detection


Collision detection typically refers to the computational problem of detecting the intersection of two or more objects.

With regard to scratch, collision detection is the understanding of the intersection/collision of two or more objects. You will be exploring this concept in the development of this game (collision with the finish line).



Exploring Sprite Movementrace7


We will be exploring sprite movement in this game. One of the car will be computer controlled. And the other car will be player controlled. The two cars will race to the finish line.