I do not play any game that I have not made by myself


Scratch Activities

Count the apples

Do you like to count? Today we will make a counting game.

In this activity we will learn to generate a number of apples randomly. Then the player should answer the correct number of apples. If he gets it correct his score will increase, otherwise he should count the apples again. Good luck, have fun!

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Flappy Bat

In this game you will navigate a bat through a forest filled with trees. The bat should not hit a tree or it will be hurt.

We will explore a different type of flying movement, where the bat will keep moving downwards unless the flying button is pushed continuously. We will also move the trees forever so that it looks like the bat is flying. Good luck and have fun!!

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Fruit Catch

A fruit salad is very delicious. Before we make a fruit salad, we have to catch the fruits.

In this game, you will control the bowl and you should move it across the screen to catch the falling fruits. You will be exploring how to make fruits fall from the top forever and how to make a timer. Have fun!!!

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Squash Variables

The objective of this exciting game is to bounce the ball before it hits the ground! The ball is bounced off the paddle. The paddle can be moved to the left and right using the arrow keys. Let’s see how we can make this game!

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Cat Mouse Chase

This is a very fun game to play and of course to make as well! You will be exploring how to use the mouse for user input by developing this game. Your player in the game is the little mouse, and the cat will be chasing it. The players objective is to make the mouse avoid the cat. Have fun!!!

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Multiplayer Shooter

What’s more fun than playing a game? Playing a game with your friend.

In this activity we will learn to create a multiplayer game which can be played by two people at the same time. Each player controls a character that can move around the screen and shoot. The player that gets the other sprite to 0 health wins. Good luck, have fun!

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Hit the Heli (with variables)

This is yet another fun & exciting game! The objective here is to shoot the helicopter that is moving from left to right on the screen. By clicking the space bar you can launch bullets. By making this game you will learn about object position manipulation! Have fun!

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In this activity we will develop a racing game. This racing game has two cars, one is controlled by the computer and the other car is controlled by you (the player). To win the game you have to reach the finish line before the computer controlled car. Good luck, have fun!!

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Moving through a maze to get to the end is always very intense and exciting! In this game we will learn how to make an object move through a maze without touching the walls of the maze. The ball can be moved by pressing the arrow keys. Good luck, have fun!!

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